Valentine Enterprises, Inc. operates three production facilities in the Atlanta, Georgia metro area producing over 500,000 units per week.  In 2012, VEI opened a new 150,000 square foot state-of-the-art, high-speed manufacturing facility and will more than double the size of this new plant in 2014.  This expansion will allow ample capacity to plan for new growth and take on more high-volume customers. 

VEI does not warehouse finished products, customers are contacted immediately for order pickup upon completion.  VEI has fulfillment service affiliates available throughout the US to aid the distribution strategies of our customers.

Contract Blending

Valentine Enterprises, Inc. offers extensive blending capacity and expertise to manufacture your product with complete consistency.  Our blending lines are equipped with the most advanced technology and cutting edge equipment to guarantee even and efficient blending.

Our tenured specialists know when to add specific ingredients in the blending process, how long to blend different products and how the multitude of raw ingredients will react and affect the economy of the process. Blending capacity is offered for pre-mixes, flavor mixes, high oil content blends and blends with instantized ingredients. Blending batch sizes range from 1,650 to over 5,000 lbs. per blend depending on product density.

Contract Packaging

Each product we develop and package at VEI is unique and proprietary to the respective client. We take pride in providing our customers with accuracy, speed and consistency during the packaging process. Multiple packaging lines facilitate high capacity production and quick turnaround times as well as product versatility.

Each blending and filling room is independently climate controlled to prevent cross contamination. In addition, all rooms have source capture, dust collection, and ambient air quality systems in place.


Our standard operating procedures are in place to ensure the integrity of your final product through good manufacturing practices.  Our rigorous certifications demand that we use the finest quality ingredients and manufacturing practices to produce the highest quality products.  We have achieved and hold the following regulatory licenses, approvals, and certifications:

  • NSF-cGMP and NSF-For Sport certifications
  • Certified Organic and Kosher
  • Certified Informed Choice and Informed Sport
  • VEI is registered with the FDA under the Bioterrorism Act
  • VEI is regularly inspected by the Georgia Department of Agriculture
  • VEI has an HACCP program

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