Valentine takes great pride in our efficient, refined product development process.

We maintain close communication with our customers as your plans and products progress through each manufacturing stage. We co-author client-specific, proprietary formulations to bring unique product concepts to market. Valentine’s strict client confidentiality practices make us a trusted partner that you can rely on.

Great tasting supplements sell! Our seasoned team of R&D experts and food scientists specialize in formulating new, cutting edge nutritional and dietary supplements. Our team raises the industry standard in creating flavor profiles that push one-of-a-kind products to the forefront of a market that is cluttered with too many ordinary products. Our company is world-renowned for our ability to formulate difficult ingredients with flavor challenges in a way that not only makes them palatable, but taste great!


Valentine specializes in powders and the understanding of how the physical and organoleptic properties combine to form a marketable finished product. With over 45 years of product development and nutrition industry experience, we keep you up to date on nutritional and supplement requirements.

Our exacting formulation and testing procedures prove your product; if an ingredient is on the label, it is in the product. Upon completion of product development, a nutrition and supplement facts panel is designed to meet label compliance requirements.


We are happy to craft a custom product but we also welcome the opportunity to reverse-engineer a product or revive an existing product that may not be meeting your expectations. Any product developed or formulated at Valentine will exceed your standards for:

  • Nutritional Value
  • Taste
  • Dispersion
  • Mouth Feel
  • Product Life & Flowability
  • Appearance
  • Price Point
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Custom Powder Product Development
Specializing in the particulars of powders since 1972.